50 Examples Of What To Write About Yourself On A Dating Site

Tobias is a content specialist with over a decade of experience writing about men’s lifestyles for a variety of publications around the world. When not on his computer he enjoys traveling, eating pizza, and watching 80s action films. Another straightforward bio that provides plenty of information about your likes and dislikes. While not overly detailed, it does give a brief overview of your favorite things and is easy to write. You can either write two believable truths and an outrageous lie to make things easy or give three examples that are all believable or hard to comprehend.


Joke is great, as long as it is funny. I will not cover much about the message because other answers usually will address this. Remember that “how to start a conversation” is not always about the message you’ll sent her. I appreciate this doesn’t mean much, but I am so so so freaking sorry you have to put up with that. It screws up the entire system and I can’t stand I’m sharing the same pool as some of these guys. So a little about me, I suppose?

Why Are We Attracted To Humor

Should you copy them word for word? A great online dating profile is one that showcases you and what uniquely makes you—you. If you just cut and paste, you won’t achieve that goal. ” and “how can you react when someone upsets you?

I’m female and I met my spouse on one of these dating sites. We met about 11 years ago and this is what made me respond to his message… And what made me not respond to others.

He loves art, sports, connecting with new people from all over the world, and making people laugh. This doesn’t show that he read my profile but it’s funny, open, long but not too long. This has a better chance of getting a response than most other messages.

If you are into the dig this industry then it’s a tougher task for you as your main target audiences are emotionally charged and sensitive people. If her profile doesn’t offer a lot of info get her talking by asking her to chat about her favorite subject, herself. Once she tells you what’s so cool about her, ask follow-up questions to indicate your interest.

Request The Online Quote

Especially now that your potential dates can ignore you with one swipe, you have to stand with your profile crafted well to make an impression that encourages replies. All this time, I thought I wanted a job. Turns out, I just wanted a paycheck.

When I do have some spare time, I like to spend it reading, hiking, or fishing – anything that gets me away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new places with my camera and meeting new people from all walks of life. Next, if the text mentioned your build or height, that was only for an example’s sake and it is very easy to change it without affecting the success of the bio. Admittedly, one example has a specific requirement in order for the bio to work, and that is that you are wearing some kind of top, which is hardly challenging. OK, it is if you like showing off your abs and chest muscles, but apart from that one, you can be rest assured the others are simply perfect.

Everyone perceives a positive and bright personality to people who love smiling in their photos. What works for one guy won’t necessarily work for his neighbor. After all, you’re trying to attract the women YOU find attractive. This is an effective way to “trail off” and make a woman come to your profile so she can hear the rest.

On multiple social media sites, sometimes you thought modern day dating has changed the site quotes about dating sites, but go lucky person. If you’ve been online dating for any amount of time, you’ve seen bad profiles. They’re either sparse, copied from someone more clever, use The Office as a character trait, or are completely blank. Then, you come across the perfect profile.