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I’m just beginning to feel comfortable with it. Interestingly enough those comments rarely get published, maybe because they’re seen as too racy, I’m not sure. Now I could not imagine a life without her. The spiritual journey was wonderful and fulfiling. I feel sorry for people who only talk of movie and walks and dinners out etc..

If you lived a lot closer you might be able to convince me that there are still men out there with a decent head on their shoulders who desire something meaningful in their lives. It seems that good women are often hard to find too. It’s unfortunate that the rest of us can’t seem to connect.


I think it helps that I no longer care as much about what she thinks beyond common courtesy. Well the purple unicorn is right here…but damned if I can find a decent guy. Every time I think I find a good one he either disappears without a word, let’s his personal baggage get in the way, or doesn’t know what he really wants. This year alone my several attempts with men at being warm, friendly, flirty, and kind have all ended up in a big disappointment….and in a few cases a good stab to my heart. I have to take a break because I am truly tired of getting burned.

But that scares me since he has a young child. I believe it is the SOUL CONNECTION and commonality between 2 people that make a relationship fulfilling no matter what age you are. Be confident and take charge of your own destiny. Don’t settle for anything less than your very best and the rest will follow. The dilemma I am facing is I have met a nice gentleman who is 10 years my senior.

I’m worried that I come across as unsure of myself because I lived with a woman who could go from laughing and joking around to being in a total rage instantly for no real reason. If you’ve ever dealt with a child in the terrible two stage, you’ve seen this type of behavior. I just found it very difficult to cope when it was an adult doing it. Now that we’ve been divorced for a year, I find it easier to say what I feel to her because I don’t care as much. I still would like to be friends but I don’t have that deep need to please her that I used to have.

Men are not bad and evil for the most part. In fact they are for the most part good people that see and feel and experience the world differently than woman. No person, man or woman wants to feel on line pressure to do anything they are not used to…so here in lies personal thresholds that may need some readjustment and thoughtful consideration. The way we choose to text and talk to each other and finally meet makes all the difference. I read your article twice just to make sure I had a handle on it. Here is my dating experience since my wife tossed me to the curb in 07.

Now here you guys are saying that you want someone nice and are tired of the difficult women out there, so I’d like to know your take on that article if you have the inclination to read it. Unfit, overweight, bitchy, demanding, nutty – all get you swiftly eliminated. Maybe in 10 years, but there are plenty of 39 year olds today who will be in your shoes in 10 years . Confirmed Bachelor…………I completely understand what you are saying.

Men are left with ineffectual working parts, lack of emotional growth, and certain criteria and needs that women in their 50 would not exchange their freedom for their partnership. Men are only for our youths unless they exceptional. It shocks me to hear about the inconsiderate and selfish acts of some women today.

I can be attracted to someone younger than me or someone close to my age or older if the chemistry is right but I want it to be real not just about sex. I know when I was young the driving factor was someone that appealed to me but might not have been serious about a relationship but I passed through that period and wanted a serious meaningful union. When I got married I didn’t feel I wanted or needed someone else. My wife and I were intimate on a frequent basis and it wasn’t just sex it was a closeness and bonding witch I genuinely cared about. I remember while on a business trip I had a encounter with an attractive woman who wanted to be more than friends. She attempted to kiss me and I said I can’t do this I’m married and she said I am too.

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Majority of men in their 50s are more than capable of starting a family, having kids etc. Even if they’re not directly looking for it, they want to have that option, so a woman in her 50s is a no-go. She’s better off aiming for men who are too old to have another family, just as she does.

I treasure what can truly be between a man and a woman if they both act unselfishly out of kindness and compassion. That bond if it can be achieved is one of life’s greatest gifts. You guys are different from women, no doubt about it, but I still believe there is hope to make things work with someone even in this day and age. Nobody is perfect, and we all could work on a little acceptance of each other. I do not think it is a good idea when people divorce to stay good friends as it seems he feels entitled to some things that he would not ever think of getting if she had kept the distance.

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So it’s really important to ask yourself why you’re so attracted to any person, but especially one that’s significantly older than you. But there are a few things you should consider before jumping into a relationship like this, including emotional maturity, finances, children, ex-wives, and so much more. So I tapped two relationship experts, Chloe Carmichael, PhD, and Rebecca Hendrix, LMFT, to break down the most important things you should consider before dating an older man. Let’s take responsibility for our actions and give each other a break. Everyone is doing the best they can in this life.

I am sorry you’ve been so harshly judged. Your sweeping generalizations and negativity are why you are alone right now. If that’s the way you want it then that’s great. It will mean less trouble out there for us women in the dating scene to worry about. A lady like you who does not look a man’s money unfortunately is very very rare. Keep up the fight and the outreach.